Leo Burnett and Design Museum unveil ‘Design: Humanity’s Best Friend’

The London museum and gallery market is a pretty crowded one, so Leo Burnett has taken the “purpose” high ground in its efforts to attract visitors and establish a more prominent place on the culture circuit for the Design Museum.

An instant camera, a well cut suit, and the Pride flag all demonstrate the campaign’s message that design is “humanity’s best friend.”

Chaka Sobhani, chief creative officer at Leo Burnett London said: “Design is one of the most important tools we have for understanding and changing the world we live in. This campaign hopefully brings the wonder and ubiquity of design to the forefront of people’s minds, where it should always be.”

Lord Mandelson, chairman of the Design Museum, said: “The purpose of the Design Museum is to make the impact of design visible. Good design is all around us making our personal lives simpler, easier and nicer as well as providing world-changing solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Design excellence is one of Britain’s chief competitive advantages and we need to invest more in it. The museum tells this story everyday within its walls and we needed a new message to make everyone outside notice.”

If you can’t have purpose in design, where can you have it?

MAA creative scale: 5

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