Lego lets loose with BETC in first campaign since the 80s

Lego has created its first brand campaign for 30 years — if you don’t count the fantastically successful Lego movies – with a big, brightly-coloured, playful ad by BETC Paris and the Lego Agency.

The film is all about a world of crazy creativity and endless possibilities. It’s a delightful concept for parents who are keen to get kids off devices, although the reality is that Lego is embracing the digital world too, with AR and VR and apps. Plus the Danish company now makes most of its money from the very expensive sets that contain everything you need to recreate the world of Harry Potter or Marvel Avengers films, killing off creativity by demanding that you follow instructions to the letter.

But if you do find a kid who’s happy to go with a more free-form, analogue experience of Lego, BETC’s ad will inspire them. Every element is based on an existing or vintage Lego toy, and it looks like the creative teams and Traktor, the directors, had a lot of fun making it.

MAA creative scale: 7

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