Senior ad men: it’s time to stop being predatory at Cannes

Ouch. This ad for TimeTo by Lucky Generals is uncomfortable viewing, but it’s a very effective reminder to the more senior men of the ad industry that it’s not OK to prey upon younger women.

The woman’s powerlessness and discomfort is portrayed perfectly, and the words of the man are chilling: he thinks he’s being persuasive when he’s actually being creepy and predatory.

Let’s hope that the men it’s targeting might be jolted into some sort of self-awareness by this ad. And that women will feel emboldened to speak up rather than shuffle over to make room.

There are also posters which will be up at key airports targeting Cannes Lions attendees, as well as social media and branded suncream. Cannes owner Ascential is supporting the campaign with digital signage in the Palais throughout the week. The campaign is from the #timeTo movement, backed by the Advertising Association, NABS, ISBA and WACL.

Helen Calcraft, a founding partner of Lucky Generals, said: “Cannes is a unique industry moment where we see the best of creativity the industry has to offer alongside some of the most appalling behaviour.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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