Zalando throws off its inhibitions in first work from Mother

Mother has won the Zalando business, and here is a bonkers ad for the “high street to high end” European e-commerce retailer.

The idea is that we shouldn’t be inhibited in our fashion choices by what other people think of us, especially in summer when bare limbs and bright sunshine can make anyone self-conscious. Mother’s line, “Dress for yourself, nobody else,” is a versatile one that works across outfits, and across the 17 markets where the campaign is running.

Unlike many retailers online and on the high street, Berlin-based Zalando is doing pretty well. Q1 sales grew 15.2 per cent to £1.2 billion, and customers were up 14.1 per cent to 27.2 million, although it’s only recently started tipping in to profit.

Zalando has come up with some clever ideas to keep the numbers strong, particularly the genius new oversized tags, which measure 10cm by 15cm and are designed to stop people from wearing the clothes and then sending them back, which is the scourge of online fashion retailers.

Martin Rose, creative director at Mother, said: “Whether you’re rocking triple denim on the beach or a neon bum bag around the pool, there’ll always be somebody who doesn’t approve. Especially in an age of social media, we end up chasing approval and validation. But when we worry less about the judgement of others, something really powerful happens: we feel liberated to live in the moment.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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