Joint hits the right note for Amazon’s Alexa

Bezos land may appear as something out of science fiction but Amazon’s ads are what you might call counter-intuitive: usually demonstrating a nice, understated human touch.

UK indie Joint is good at this too and here it is for the fabled Alexa, bringing the elixir of Ms Amazon to an older person.

With Amazon’s ads you rarely have to ask: what was all that about? Stating the bleedin’ obvious in a pleasing way actually works.

MAA creative scale: 8.

PS Someone wrote the other day that these voice devices – Alexa, Siri et al – were all female. Suggesting advertisers still see women as ideal handmaidens or worse. Um, dunno the answer to that one. It’s like the way we still think of (and portray) nurses as female even though lots of them are men.

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