Uncommon and Habito save us from death-by-mortgage

Uncommon’s campaign for online mortgage broker Habito is much more “in your face” than a financial services company would normally dare to be.

But they get away with it because they make their point so clearly. These latest ads show a man drowning in his own sweat and a woman suffocated by paperwork — pretty bold images for the category, although sadly not inappropriate when it comes to mortgages.

Abba Newbery, chief marketing officer at Habito, said: “While the scenarios are heavily dramatised they reflect an all-too real truth: that people find the process of getting a mortgage utterly hellish. For too long the odds have been stacked against customers. Baffling jargon and a lack of transparency when it comes to switching means they are completely disempowered. At Habito we’re putting customers back in the driving seat.”

As well as the TV ads, posters will appear outdoor and across the London Underground.

MAA creative scale: 7

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