The Gate enters knife crime fray for Lives Not Knives

Mother’s Day’s come and gone (yesterday) but knife crime in London remains a pressing issue with heaven knows how many young people losing their lives.

Is anyone doing anything about it? The Government keeps saying that the dramatic reduction in police officers isn’t to blame but one doubts if even they really believe this has nothing to do with it. People carry knives for “protection” and it’s hard to blame people who feel mortally threatened but it seems to compound the problem.

Charity Lives Not Knives is trying to do something about it and London agency The Gate produced this stunt and film for Mother’s Day (turned around in 24 hours) with a grim spin on flowers.

Charity founder Eliza Ribeiro says: Eliza said: “Lives Not Knives believe in prevention rather than cure. We in London are all affected by this and are trying to push for mandatory education on youth violence in schools, but need support from the government, corporates and the community. Seeing this on our streets we hope sends a powerful message that we need change and all need to do our bit to make change.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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