Industry creatives challenge lack of LGBTA+ representation in Valentine’s Day cards

It is, of course, St Valentine’s Day on Friday (you’d forgotten, obviously) when, among other things, the card population rises.

Two creatives from The Gate London, Beth Grace and Hannah Cunningham, have spotted a dearth of LGBTQA+ offerings on the market (strange when the aforementioned moniker includes so many people) so they’ve rounded up a stable of top illustrators to produce some designs with US charity GLAAD. Illustrators include Georgia Soteriou, Phillip Harris and Thomas Hedger, some from London agencies including The Gate and Havas.

The Gate duo say: “The project began from a frustration surrounding the lack of representation in the greetings card industry, with Valentine’s Day being the catalyst. We struggled to make sense of the fact that on a day that champions love, a whole spectrum of love is being excluded.

“By partnering with a large range of illustrators, designers and artists we wanted to broaden the scope of styles and designs, with the hope that everyone could find a design that fit with their type of love.”

The designs can be accessed here, with a small donation to GLAAD.

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