Plates can now talk back to annoying Instagram foodies

If you haven’t taken an artfully staged flat lay shot of your food before you eat it, then you haven’t really experienced the meal.

So it goes for a generation of foodie Instagrammers who think nothing of holding up proceedings in restaurants and homes to make sure they get the perfect pre-prandial post.

Belgium’s Bru mineral water has had enough of this fad, and invented a plate with a QR code hidden in its delicate pattern that sends a disapproving message to the photographer’s phone: “Nice photo! But don’t forget to enjoy your dining companions as well.”

The cunning idea comes from Happiness, an FCB Alliance agency in Brussels. Apparently 69 per cent of us can’t resist “foodstagramming” the perfect photo of a meal, even though 82 per cent of us find it annoying.

Bru Social Plates are hand made, and were ordered by 150 restaurants in the three days following the launch, so there is clearly an appetite for them.

MAA creative scale: 7

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