Piers Morgan blows even more hot air for ITV and Uncommon

Love him or loathe him, Piers Morgan provides value for money at ITV. It may be a sign of general dumbing down, but the provocative Good Morning Britain presenter seems to drive the national conversation more than Radio 4’s Today programme these days.

Daniel Craig’s papoose, Gregg’s vegan sausage rolls and Little Mix’s body art are just a few of the important issues that Morgan has propelled into the spotlight thanks to his overheated opinions.

So it makes sense for Uncommon to feature Morgan in its latest work for ITV, which has a much lighter touch than the agency’s previous work promoting the broadcaster’s current affairs and drama content.

Uncommon has created a 3D printed Piers Morgan hairdryer, which has hot air blowing out of the presenter’s mouth to represent the “heated debates” for which Morgan is famed. Users are warned to “keep out of reach of those easily offended.”

Each hairdryer comes with a manual carrying a series of warnings about its easy-to-press buttons, short fuse, and heat settings that range from “political correctness” all the way to “vegan sausage rolls.”

The hairdryer launched this morning, with a live TV demo from his co-presenter Susanna Reid, but the stunt hasn’t attracted as much attention as their interview with former boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson about his new cannabis business.

MAA creative scale: 6

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