Accenture’s new agency Shackleton has a new ad for Uber

Shackleton is in the spotlight after selling to Accenture Interactive in the same week as Droga5, and this new ad for Uber gives a taste of the creativity that made the Spanish agency so attractive to the global consultancy firm.

The four minute film celebrates tolerance ahead of a football match between Seville’s two big rival teams – Sevilla and Real Betis – this weekend.

Called “Romeo and Julio,” it’s about two men announcing to their respective families that they are getting married. The families don’t approve, which we assume is because of prejudice from the traditional families and their old-school patriarchs.

But the truth is that Romeo and Julio support different football teams, which is why their union is so difficult to accept. By the end of the film, the families come round to the marriage, and everyone takes an Uber to the match together.

Juan Galiardo, director of Uber in Spain, said: “We believe that it is important to put an end to confrontational attitudes and fully escape the mentality of conflict. We need to realize that, in most cases, the things we have in common far outnumber those that separate us, and football is the ideal stage to make this clear.

MAA creative scale: 8

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