Antoni keeps Publicis at bay with another Mercedes winner

Here’s one to bring a warm glow to Piers Morgan’s cold heart. The Good Morning Britain co-host caused a storm a while back by having a go at Daniel Craig for wearing a baby papoose but here’s the mighty Mercedes telling such wearers (grandads in this case) they need to “justify nothing.”

Another good effort from German agency Antoni after its ‘Bertha Benz’ epic. Mercedes is supposed to have moved its global creative account to Publicis, which has set up Publicis Emil in Berlin for the purpose, but Antoni is still on the case. and likely to remain so if it keeps coming up with stuff like this.

Maybe that’s the point of agency rosters, of course. They keep everybody on their toes although it must be frustrating for the agency that’s supposed to have won it all, or most of it.

It will be interesting to see if Ford uses Wieden+Kennedy in the UK even though its global creative is supposed to have gone to BBDO. W+K produced Ford’s much-lauded fall campaign in the US with Bryan Cranston.

This one?

Manages to make the somewhat utilitarian B-class quite interesting.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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