Anomaly lets the train take the strain with new ad for LNER

Despite the often disappointing reality, the fantasy of train travel still exists: a relaxing journey with time for daydreaming, reading, snoozing, or people watching.

Anomaly’s first ad for London North Eastern Railway, the new east coast operator, introduces us to a whole range of characters who are travelling along the route. Whether it’s Roman soldiers on their way back from a battle enactment, a family playing games, or a group of friends going home from a festival, the message is: “This is our LNER.”

Craig Ainsley, creative director at Anomaly, said: “There’s something about getting the train home. And there’s something about the wonderful people and places of the east coast. Our new film aims to capture the feeling of being tucked away in a lovely LNER train carriage whilst being whisked homeward across the glorious east coast landscape.”

There’s also an integrated campaign, including press and OOH ads illustrated by local artists, and influencers brought on board to talk about their journeys.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

There’s a soothing quality to Anomaly’s film, which conjures up memories of Tony Kaye’s legendary train ad.

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