Wunderman Thompson unveils new logo and raison d’être

WPP’s new agency construct Wunderman Thompson has unveiled its new logo from sister firm Landor – in essence a big plus sign cross plus the names – and some more visual stuff intended to summarise its new dynamic nature.

So WT (as we may as well call it) is a “creative, data and technology agency built to inspire growth for clients, people and partners. The new brand..showcases that growth is a force of good and all growth starts with inspiration. Wunderman Thompson believes that inspiring growth takes three things: see the world differently and reject conventional thinking; unbounded creativity to rethink business, culture and brand experiences and act decisively and accountably end-to-end.”

Where did end-to-end come from? Everyone’s using it now. Anyway, here goes:

And the more ornate version.

No doubt some will say say the white cross is their version of the Red Cross, two agencies bandaged together.

Do agency logos mean much anyway? The only ones most people can remember are Ogilvy and, before all this of course, J. Walter Thompson – but they are/were handwriting.

As to the rationale behind it – hope springs eternal.

One Comment

  1. CPB did the plus sign first. Recently changing CPB to CPB+ then they took up wrestling. Amazing that these idiots think that changing a logo makes a difference. No one gives a fuck.

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