France thanks a generation of pioneers to celebrate Grandmothers’ Day

It’s all too easy to forget that grandparents haven’t always been old, so this ad by CLM BBDO in Paris is a nice reminder that we were all young once.

To celebrate “Grandmothers’ Day” on the first Sunday in March, Kraft Foods’ Café Grandmère has produced a documentary-style ad showcasing women pioneers and thanking them for changing our lives.

There’s an airline pilot who, when announcing, “This is your captain speaking,” had to suffer the indignity of people threatening to disembark. We also see archive images of a female firefighter, a motorcycle racer, a parachutist, and one of the first women to attend the elite Ecole Polythechnique.

Creative directors Benjamin Dessagne and Stéphane Santana said: “Though this campaign goes back in time, it offers a deeply modern vision of our grandmothers. Before they were the women we know today, they were young women who changed the world.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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