Competitive parents get down and dirty in Vauxhall SUV ad

Parents can be worse than their kids when it comes to playground politics, as Vauxhall has noted in its new campaign for the Crossland X.

Owners of fancier SUVs shudder at the sight of their muddy children after a game of rugby, hosing them down and covering their seats before allowing them into their precious cars.

The Crossland X mum, however, ushers her daughter in to the car (also an SUV) with no more than a wry look. The line is “Less rah. Get real.”

Vauxhall is a peculiarly British brand – it’s called Opel everywhere else – and this campaign does a good job of highlighting this without coming over all Brexit. It’s by Velocity, the specialist agency set up by McCann to run Vauxhall and Opel across Europe.

Patrick Fourniol, marketing director for Vauxhall Motors, said: “Vauxhall understands what makes families across the UK tick. ‘Less rah. Get real’ highlights the integrity of the Vauxhall owner, unfazed and embracing the challengers of everyday family life.”

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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