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BBH and IBM iX to create Audi brand experience ‘cagency’

Audi has asked its agency BBH to team up with consultancy IBM iX in pursuit of a new “digital brand experience” for the German carmaker.

The new partners will work together under one roof, collaborating closely with Audi UK’s digital manager, Antony Roberts. BBH is in charge of “re-imagining all digital touchpoints” and IBM iX will “take responsibility for the digital transformation of all Audi channels.”

The dreaded word “cagency” springs to mind as a description of this hybrid model. The term was coined by Accenture boss Anatoly Roytman, talking about the combination of consultancies and agencies. Still, as they say – if you can’t beat them, join them.

Audi was BBH’s founding client back in the early 80s, and the success of the relationship is central to the agency and its culture. Ian Heartfield, chief creative officer of BBH London, said: “For 37 years, BBH has built the Audi brand with comms alone. Now we get to take it to the next level by bringing the same level of BBH creativity and craft to the total Audi brand experience.”

Benjamin Braun, Marketing Director of Audi UK, said: “We have eighty seven thousand visits every day to It is our biggest showroom by far. Our aim is to create a digital experience that will be as beautiful and intelligent as our cars to meet the high expectations of our customers. BBH has deep understanding of how to bring our brand to life, while IBM is synonymous with technical excellence. Working together, we will deliver digital experiences with style, elegance and Audi charm.”

Debbie Vavangas, IBM iX UK Lead, said: “IBM iX is thrilled to join forces with Audi, as one of the most prestigious brands in the world begins a journey of digital reinvention. We will be working together at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology in order to kickstart an innovative transformation. This is an exciting partnership, in an exciting industry, at an exciting time.”

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