Adidas “Recodes” running by turning it into an extreme sport

You won’t see any middle-aged men in lycra in these four-minute films for Adidas running.

Instead you get runners as creators: the “Trash Runners” of Shanghai who, under cover of the night, pick up litter as they make their way at speed through the city streets. And the “punk” runners who sprint the 267 miles from Warsaw to Hel (a city on the Baltic Sea) in a hectic, fast-paced relay.

The films are by Amsterdam sister agencies Lore and Brand Articulation, whose founder Boyd Coyner originally wrote the “Impossible is Nothing” line for Adidas when he was a creative director at TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Coyner said: “Adidas is the creator brand, and ‘Create the New’ is the global brand strategy. While the notion of creativity in sports resonates well in expressive sports with rules, like basketball and football, creativity is not something you think about when you see someone running. ‘Recode Running’ allows Adidas to celebrate a new kind of running culture.”

Caio Amato, senior director of brand communication for Adidas Running, said: “We want to celebrate how runners are pulling the sport apart and putting it back together again in different, more inspiring, and personal ways.”

James Yeats Smith, creative director at Lore said: “At a time when so much is becoming fluid, people are finding that running can be more social and community minded than ever before. It’s a team sport today. The stories told in these films embrace the transformative nature of the sport.”

MAA creative scale: 7.5

To Hel and Back

The Waste Race

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