In Davos, AMV BBDO parodies leaders for their ‘Diversish’ attitude to disability

If you are looking to expose hypocrisy, the World Economic Forum in Davos is a good place to start.

Business leaders and politicians have flown in to the Swiss ski resort this week on their private jets (1,500 private flights in total, according to The Guardian), to listen sympathetically as David Attenborough talks about climate change.

Delegates are also discussing disability on the main stage for the first time this year, and The Valuable 500 initiative – which challenges businesses to put disability on their board agendas – has seized on this opportunity to launch the #Diversish campaign, which challenges leaders to include disability in their diversity commitments.

An ad by AMV BBDO takes a satirical look at business leaders who claim to champion diversity, then ignore anything to do with disability.

Filmed in a documentary style, it includes mock interviews with sham business leaders, and mercilessly exposes their hypocrisy. One says, “2019 is going to be an exciting year to be disabled,” while another introduces his wheelchair-bound employee Bill, “who’s paraplegic – isn’t that right Sharon?”

Unilever’s Paul Polman is on board. He said: “We’ve all become far too used to picking and choosing. But this can’t be how business approaches diversity. When we omit disability, we’re just being diversish. And that’s a label none of us should be proud of.”

Let’s hope the agency team travelled on scheduled flights.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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