Mindshare survey shows growing use of tech – with humans fighting back

WPP media agency Mindshare has been consulting its crystal ball for its fifth Mindshare Trends Report looking at the UK market. And it’s tech, tech and more tech although there’s some evidence that humans are fighting back.

The five key trends expected to shape 2019 are (Mindshare’s terminology):

Live and Kicking: ‘Live’ moments are very much alive and kicking, as the proliferation of technology brings people together to share our experiences in real-time.

Key stat: 42 per cent of 18 – 34 year olds say they feel like they are missing out if they don’t watch shows or events as they happen.

Look Who’s Talking: When it comes to technology involving the spoken word, we are now seeing real adoption combined with a noticeable change in people’s mindsets and behaviours. The uptake of podcasts and audiobooks is exploding, the use of voice messaging is increasing, and people are starting to use the growing number of text to speech apps available. Voice assistants too are now part of the fabric.

Key stat: 35 per cent of smart speaker owners say it feels like part of the family – rising to 47 per cent among parents.

Mindful Media: With the combined impact of GDPR and the increased publicity around data practices, people are striving for a chance to get back into the driving seat when it comes to media. As a result, we are making more conscious media choices, and media companies are having to become accountable as they look to design tools and products.

Key stat: A third of people avoid the news these days because it’s all doom and gloom – rising to 42 per cent amongst Londoners

Seconds Saved: While time saving tech has always been a factor, this year we have seen significant differences in uptake, particularly in the areas of payment solutions and the connected home.

Key stat: four in ten people say that tech that automates everyday tasks gives more time back to enjoy life – rising to 58 per cent for Londoners and six out of ten parents

Real or Replica: In a world of growing mistrust, where tech presents us with curated social media, fake videos, voice assistants and virtual entities, people are re-evaluating how they feel about such things.

Key stat: 58 per cent of people agree that ‘it’s getting harder to separate what’s real and what’s not.’

Mindshare UK trends and insight director Sophie Harding says: “In the course of our research, we found that people are searching for genuine connections, realness (sic), and knowledge with which to empower themselves against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty in the UK.

“Unlike previous years, 2019 does not look to be about shiny new technology. Instead, we’re seeing a shift towards getting to grips with the technology we have, grabbing hold of the reins as it becomes more embedded in our daily lives – bringing with it its own opportunities and consequences.”

Seems fair enough, technology is a mixed bag, bringing opportunities as well as fears. Interesting that people avoid the news (Brexit drives us all nuts and there’s not much else apart from random shootings, Trump etc) and there’s a growing scepticism about social media.

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