UK government launches ad plea to tech investors

A new campaign aimed at driving investment in tech company scale-ups has been launched, with podcast ads, billboards and more showing off science and technology companies to British investment hubs.

The ‘Science and Tech is our Superpower’ campaign aims to help science and technology firms in the UK that are ready for growth to access the funding they need to boost economic growth and create jobs.

While the UK continues to outpace the rest of Europe in raising venture capital funds, securing more than France and Germany, last year saw a substantial drop in investment globally. In the UK, this particularly impacted science and technology scale-ups.

Britain has produced 152 ‘unicorns’ or companies valued at over $1 billion, which is more than France, Germany and Sweden put together.

Trouble is, with support lacking from everyone from venture capitalists to stock market investors most of them, like tech giant Arm, end up being owned by overseas investors.

Science and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan says: “The UK has built a £1 trillion tech sector with a thriving start-up scene. With further capital, there is no limit to where British start-ups can take their ideas.

There has never been a better time to invest in British tech companies – with the UK leading on every key European metric and leading the world on emerging technologies like safe AI.

Our Science and Tech Superpower campaign drives home the message to investors that we need to seize the extraordinary opportunities here on home turf – or risk promising companies travelling to international competitors for funding.”

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