Matt and Ben’s weekly Christmas ad round-up

The&Partnership’s Matt Deacon and Ben Fallows (below), the team behind Argos’ ‘Christmas Fool’ campaign, are keeping an eye on the Christmas ads for us. Here’s their first pick, Iceland’s ‘Rang-tan.’

It was a really smart decision not replacing ‘Rang-tan’ when Iceland were told it couldn’t go on air. Even smarter was their decision to remove all the palm oil from their own-brand products, which will hopefully give the big four a boot in the right direction … So bravo to them for taking the first step.

But (and this might be an unpopular opinion), we can’t help feeling a little twinge of disappointment. It hits when you realise that it was originally a Greenpeace ad and Iceland have just put their logo on the end.

Of course it’s much better for it to run than not, but from where we are sitting it’s such a great brief – ‘Our supermarket is making a huge environmental positive change and we want to announce it at Christmas.’ So as a result, we find ourselves unable to watch it without thinking what might have been.

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