T&P promises Christmas Fool-proof delivery for Argos

There are signs that some advertisers are prepared to work a bit harder this Christmas, hardly surprising as half the high street in the UK (and the US) is pinning its hopes on a good trading season. So are the delivery merchants, Amazon has already warned that this quarter won’t be as stellar as people expect.

One such is the UK’s Argos and agency The&Partnership has produced an intriguing spin on the usual goodwill to all men: a Christmas Fool with a complete absence of good will for everyone, he even pinches your presents. Until Argos saves the day, of course.

Argos marketing director Gary Kibble says: “Families across the UK work really hard to make their Christmas special, so when something doesn’t go to plan it feels as though there’s a mischievous force working against them. We created the fool as the cheeky embodiment of this frustration and the ad brings to life the tiny annoyances that can cause unnecessary festive chaos.

“Luckily for Brits faced with the fool, we have more than 1,000 stores and pick-up points and almost 1,000 delivery vans on the road so customers can get Christmas orders, such as fairy lights or the latest toy or tech gift, the same day whether they Click & Collect or get Fast Track delivery. We expect to deal with around 19 million orders in stores over Christmas, so we’re making Christmas truly fool-proof for British shoppers.”

We’ve all bought presents early and can’t find the damn things come Christmas Eve. So a neat, well-realised idea from Argos and creative team Ben Fallows and Matt Deacon.

MAA creative scale: Um, 9.

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