Matt and Ben’s weekly Christmas ad pick

The&Partnership’s Matt Deacon and Ben Fallows (below), the team behind Argos’ ‘Christmas Fool’ campaign, are keeping an eye on the Christmas ads for us.

This week’s pick is Vodafone.

Tim from the office, Bilbo Baggins, Doctor Watson…and now the muppet in the Vodafone ads. We can’t help feeling like Martin Freeman has given up acting in this series and unfortunately Christmas is the worst offender yet.

In this one Martin’s bumbling character classically forgets to buy ‘Auntie Sue’ a Christmas present, but his tech savvy girlfriend quickly solves the problem and gets her a scarf online. Not the most original story line in the world. Then (for absolutely no reason whatsoever) he turns into a professional ice skater and performs an impeccable routine for the remaining thirty seconds of the ad in a desperate attempt to make it entertaining.

It ends with his character in a cast with cuts and bruises…unfortunately nothing life threatening.

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