Serena Williams and teenage girls put breast cancer awareness month in the spotlight

October is breast cancer awareness month, which often inspires some memorable work to promote the cause.

Mortierbrigade in Belgium has put adolescent girls in the spotlight, with a film featuring eight teenage girls, reflecting the one in eight women who will be afflicted by breast cancer. The ad reminds women of a time when they couldn’t wait to develop breasts, and in doing so it nudges them to take care of them now that they’ve got them.

Meanwhile, we see the softer side of Serena Williams, who is filmed covering her bare chest with her hands while singing the Divinyls’ hit “I touch myself” for Berlei Australia.

There’s a relevance here, not just in the words of the song, but because Divinyls’ lead singer Chrissy Amphlett died of breast cancer in 2013. Berlei is selling a rock n roll inspired snakeskin print bra in Amphlett’s honour, with all the profits going to Breast Cancer Network Australia.

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