Savagely funny film uses reverse psychology to persuade US millennials to vote

This brilliant ad does a good job of scaring younger people into voting in next month’s US midterm elections.

The message from smug baby boomers is terrifying: “Trump’s our guy,” “Sure, school shootings are sad, but I haven’t been in a school for 50 years,” “I can’t keep track of which lives matter,” “I’m rich as fuck,” and “Climate change is a you problem.”

Senior citizens mock millennials, suggesting that they might go on a march if the weather’s nice, or like a meme on Instagram, but they’ll never vote. The film is by Nail Communications for Acronym, an organization dedicated to getting Democrats elected.

With senators about to vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, it’s a good time to get younger people worked up about the need to change the status quo.

If only Remain had thought of something like this ahead of the Brexit vote.

The reverse psychology strategy is reminiscent of the Independent’s classic “Litany” ad.

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