Mother and Moneysupermarket finally go their own ways with help from Sindy and Fleetwood Mac

Two Sindy dolls get the last word in Mother’s last ad for Moneysupermarket, which takes the form of a tribute to Ridley Scott’s classic 1991 movie, Thelma & Louise.

Just like in the film, the two main characters drive away from suburbia in search of freedom, and finish by triumphantly soaring off a cliff together rather than go back. The ad prudently misses out all the criminal activity in the film, but the brand’s famous “epic” feel is there in spades.

Surely it’s no coincidence that the ending is so final, and the soundtrack is “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac? It’s all a bit of a good-humoured “up yours” to the client, which is now on its way to new agency WCRS.

Mother’s “epic” campaign has been one of the most famous in adland – as well as one of the most complained about – for the last seven years. WCRS, we are told, will keep the humour going, but the agency will also be looking to differentiate Moneysupermarket more clearly from its competitors.

The price comparison world has become a bit unsavoury due to a lack of transparency, and the ads for all the big players are due a reboot. Karmarama recently took a new direction and dumped James Corden for, and GoCompare seems to be relying just a little less heavily on its opera singer, while Comparethemarket just celebrated the Meerkat’s 10th anniversary but must surely be looking for ways to update the campaign.

All the brands are still great clients for ad agencies, because they spend £30 million-plus on traditional media, according to Nielsen, a figure which doesn’t even factor in all the money they spend on search.

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