Happy birthday to Adscam’s George Parker

Congratulations are due to the great George Parker who’s 81 today (or possibly yesterday), author of Adscam and, before that a denizen of numerous agencies here and in his adopted home of the USA. For some reason George is currently holed up in Idaho, maybe it’s his favourite potato vodka.

George is testament to the benefits of burning the candle at both ends (and a strategically placed picture in the attic). Among his many unforgettable coinages are ‘The poisoned dwarf’ for the man who’s just invested in a monastery and “The wizened of Oz’ for Rupert Murdoch.

George has rather fallen out of love with adland in recent times, as many have as it’s become more corporate, less creative and and a playground for snake oil merchants who prefer the wonders of data to the power of great ideas.

Margaret Thatcher once said of her trusted deputy prime minister: “Everyone needs a Willie.” Adland is all the better for having a George.

Here he is in one of his primes.

Happy birthday George.

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