World Cup winners so far – brands that is

The World Cup is about halfway through and digital agency DMS has been totting up the brands that seem to be prospering from it, with sponsor Budweiser in the lead.

Here are some of the leading lights so far.

Official “partners’ like Qatar Airways and Gazprom don’t seem to figure – wonder why?

DMS head of social media insights Anna Zaikina says: “Global events like the World Cup throw up incredible opportunities, not just for players or fans, but also brands and influencers. With so much competition to have to stand out from, and the stakes being so high, it’s important to know what’s happening both on and off the pitch.”

Maybe the English will surge up the ‘social buzz’ charts following their triumphant loss to Belgium in the last qualifier. It means they get into the easiest half of the draw with a semi-final place at least a possibility. You can imagine manager Gareth Southgate hissing “don’t shoot” under his breath as the minutes ticked away.

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