Toilets and chicken shops bring Google’s US Oscars ad down to earth for a UK audience

Google Assistant has created a UK version of its US Oscars ad, and it’s an interesting study in the differences between the two nations.

In the new UK spot — by R/GA London and Google’s in-house marketing team — David Walliams is clearing up after a kids’ party. He’s in a dark corner of a crowded room, reminding himself to repaint the walls, fix the toilet and apologise to the clown.

Over in the US version, John Legend’s kids’ have been partying by the pool in a beautiful garden. The singer asks Google Assistant to help him write thank you notes and email the Shetland pony stable.

Both spots feature a surfer on a beach at sunset, thinking about taking a selfie. The US surfer has male model good looks, while the UK version is more of a misunderstood millennial.

Another very British scenario is the chicken shop, where a young customer enjoying the food scores points for first use of the slang term “peng” in a commercial (it means “sexy”).

Whichever side of the Atlantic you’re on, the “Make Google do it” ads are a good demonstration of how voice assistants make life easier, if you’re not worried about cyberspace snooping on your every conversation.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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