Ikea game show puts taste to the test

Ikea’s latest work is a TV game show called “Matchers Keepers,” which works a bit like Mr and Mrs, but for flatmates and families in place of married couples.

Instead of being asked about their personal habits, contestants are probed on their taste in home furnishings. If the two teams choose the same sofa, desk, or lamp, they get to take it home.

The three films by 72andSunny Amsterdam promote the Android launch of Ikea’s VR app, called Place, which has been downloaded two million times since it debuted on Apple devices in September.

Ikea’s app lets you use virtual reality to see what Ikea products will look like in your own home. Its popularity shows that when brands and technology come together in a useful, human way, people are interested.

Not only that, but Ikea is having fun with it: you can play your own “Matchers Keepers” game on the app, and at Christmas there was a festive version to help you choose where to put your tree.

Anything that cuts down on the need to visit Ikea stores has to be a good thing.

MAA creativity scale: 7.5

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