Google says loading speed in mobile is everything as it names top mobile brands

Google is launching two new “tools” aimed at boosting website mobile performance at the Mobile World Congress: a Speed Scorecard and an Impact Calculator which purports to show how much extra revenue they could gain if they speed up a bit. Speed is the key says Google, with big gains if sites speed up mobile loading from six to three seconds.

Google has also conducted a Mobile Site Benchmark Study showing that Etsy (left) is the top retail site; top in travel and the top financial brand.

As ever with Google the findings are based on a cocktail of its various alogorithms, in this case Contentful Paint, DomContentLoaded and Onload, whatever they are. It says its Speed Scorecard will enable any site to measure its performance against the top performers and says sites with 150,000 visitors or more per month can gain up to $250,000 revenue annually.

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