Cadbury ‘Crem’ Egg. Surely not?

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are no stranger to controversy: remember the outrage a couple of years ago when owner Mondelez imposed a new recipe using cheaper, Hershey-style chocolate?

This year, the sickly sweet treat has created a new moral panic in the run-up to Easter. Someone called Shawna Leigh tweeted Cadbury to ask how you pronounce Creme Egg. The official answer – “Pronounced as Crem :)” – dropped a bombshell on Britain.

Twitter exploded in confusion, denial, and multiple gifs as it tried to process the news. It wasn’t long before Cadbury changed its mind and tweeted, “Looks like we missed out the ‘a’ there! Most definitely pronounced as ‘Cream’.”

It might look like the whole idea was a publicity stunt, but Shawna Leigh is really quite sweary and clearly likes to party a lot, so it’s unlikely Cadbury would have deliberately chosen to work with her. More likely they just had the wrong (or right, depending on which way you look at it) person in charge of social media that day.

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