Marriott lights up London – or so your eyeballs tell you

The wonders of digital out of home never cease to amaze – read somewhere that a Japanese company is planning to put billboards (or whatever they’re called now) on the moon by 2020 – and already Marriott Hotels is printing ads on your eyeballs.

At least that’s what we think they’re doing.

In a new campaign by out of home specialist Kinetic on London’s South Bank Marriott is using Echo technology, developed by British start-up Lightvert, thus: “While viewers are given the impression that the dramatic images are projected into the night sky, they are in fact ‘printed’ temporarily and safely onto the viewer’s eye using the persistence of vision (PoV) effect.” PoV is a sort of optical illusion, used in animation.

If you catch it on your mobile you can win travel vouchers.

Lightvert founder and CEO Dan Siden says: “This is an exciting milestone for us. As a British start-up, we are delighted that our first commercial installation is in London and in partnership with Marriott Hotels, a global brand. The creative approach used by Kinetic is perfect for ECHO and we are really looking forward to seeing how the public responds to the campaign when they see it on the South Bank.”

Kinetic has partnerships with a number of start-up firms including Lightvert as part of its technology incubator KineticX.

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