W+K launches search for Arla’s Cravendale Moonicow

Arla’s Cravendale has been giving us quirky ads for a while now – notably its sinister ‘cats with thumbs’ – courtesy of the fevered imaginations at Wieden+Kennedy and now they’re back with the ‘Moonicow,’ directed by Michael Cumming from Chris Morris’ Brass Eye series.

Could be a trailer from one of those implausible Discovery “documentaries” depicting dimwitted rednecks searching for Bigfoot. Except it’s trying to be funny.

Beautifully done with some nice touches like “no cow-incidence” and a yucky-looking white cow splat at the end.

MAA creative scale: 9.

One Comment

  1. I’m not an American, a redneck or dim witted.
    Implausible indeed… Bigfoot is real.
    Research my freind, that is what is needed here not a dim witted brick wall. Research. Research. Research.

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