Bud Light is caught in a medieval morass of W+K’s making

They must be tearing what’s left of their hair out in Portland (or maybe New York). Wieden+Kennedy is going all medieval for Bud Light in the latest iteration of a campaign that’s lurched about all over the place.

Dilly dilly indeed.

It’s those wretched blue packs screwing things up (the beer doesn’t help of course).

A brand that’s beyond advertising it seems. Maybe they should give W+K London a go (sorry Neil).

MAA creative scale: 2.

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Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.


  1. I doubt if Neil would want to be within ten miles of that “Nuns Piss.” If it aint sneakers, W+K US hasn’t got a clue. Remember the “Lusty Blacksmith” for Kraft?

  2. any updates since the ad has gone viral and been widely appreciated?