Wunderman’s Ian Haworth: my Top Tips for Cannes

Ian Haworth is executive creative director of Wunderman EMEA. He began his career in advertising as a tea boy at an art studio before becoming the creative lead at DMB&B London, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington (NZ), Tequila London and global CCO at Rapp. He also heads the creative department at Wunderman UK.

My Top Tips for Cannes

The Cannes Lions are coming, and with it comes a world full of genuinely creative, impressive work. It’s hard to pick the ones you think will win, there’s just so much out there, but here’s some great digital and interactive pieces of work that I think should stand a good chance this year.

The David Lynch Foundation – Sounds of Trauma

David Lynch is renowned for using bleak, gothic surrealism to dig deep into the human psyche but Sounds of Trauma arguably burrows further. His Foundation’s recent video is an unusual, moving and deeply disturbing piece of film, highlighting how everyday sounds – something as commonplace as children popping balloons – can trigger traumatised war veterans, sending them back to the front lines. Powerfully poignant and more than worthy of recognition.

IBM Watson – The Sound of Art

This is a loving piece from Brazil, showcasing how clever technology is used to make art much more accessible to people who’ve never really attended art exhibitions. Utilising IBM Watson, the museum developed a nifty piece of tech that can literally talk to anyone about art, its database chock-full of Brazilian history and art-related info. Nearly three quarters of Brazilians have never been inside a museum – this could all change soon. Watson takes away any daunting, highbrow preconceptions from the museum experience and makes it more interactive and inclusive, breaking down the barriers that still exist in the art world today.

Dove – Image Hack

A simple, straightforward initiative from Denmark. Image Hack highlights the unrealistic expectations women still face in the modern age, breaking down the stereotyping of women in media and marketing. Independent woman are all around us, and the fact that this needs to be made note of intensifies Image Hack’s potency even further. Originally an online activity, Image Hack soon spread onto Danish streets, with massive billboards adorned with the initiative’s message and images. Simple, clever and really powerful.

Nike – Spark Brilliance

The central part of this campaign is a unique piece of content. A rousing, genuinely moving half-time speech delivered by Turkish legend Arda Turan, viewable in 360 Virtual Reality. His speech stirred the passions of the Turkish nation and with good reason. With the added 360 perspective, you feel like you’re in the dressing room and can feel the passion generated by representing your nation. Cracking piece.

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