The7Stars turns creative for Suzuki’s Ignis

Creative and media agencies happily eat each other’s lunch (well one of them is happy) and Suzuki’s media agency The7Stars seems to be in the creative driving seat at the moment (Suzuki’s creative agency is Red Brick Road).

First off 7Stars engineered a string of broadcast sponsor films with Ant & Dec and now, with the help of The Outfit, it’s had a go at a proper ad for Suzuki’s Ignis, which seems to be an off-roader.

Media agencies usually blow these things: one, because they’re not very good at them and, two, they find it hard to tell the client that their ideas won’t work/it’s wrong to stuff too much info into the ad just because it’s there.

This one? Every Ignis feature known to man is in there so that’s one bad box ticked.

But it’s not bad.

Would Red Brick Road have done better? Quite possibly.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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