Kurt Novack of Leo Burnett France: my Top Tips for Cannes

Kurt Novack is vice-president and director of creation at Leo Burnett France

My Top Tips for Cannes


State Street Global Advisors – Fearless Girl

A daring way to create PR news that will help break the glass ceiling hopefully. A campaign that made the world talk and debate. Great idea with a daring client that was willing to take risks.

Samsung – Ostrich
Beautifully crafted story that makes us all dream about doing great things. It creates ownership of the VR category that everyone is betting on for the next five years.

Burger King – Flame Grilled

What a daring client!! This is a really worthy campaign that took guts to buy. To take the (apparent) risk of using a degrading photo of your product or store burning and spinning it to sell the major quality is wonderful.

Channel 4 – Superhumans

Best music, best film craft, an amazing piece that is inspirational and reminds us with using pathos of how driven and passionate you need to be as a handicapped athlete. Makes us all think twice about what it takes. Watched this over and over!

Brooks Running – Rule 40

The average athlete earns $15000 per year if they are lucky with part time jobs; the Olympics brings in billions. How to hijack a touchy subject which will help the Olympic athletes who are struggling to find ways of making money to be able to do the sports they are passionate about. Brooks created awareness around this subject to help the same athletes that use their brand. Loved the simplicity and the design.

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