Does Land Rover’s new glider match Audi and BBH?

My friend Jerry Judge sends me this Land Rover ad from the US.

Which reminds him of this Audi Quattro ad from BBH, where Jerry toiled in BBH’s 1980s heyday.

No reason why Land Rover can’t enlist a glider after all this time of course.

But it’s an interesting comparison all the same and, inter alia, shows how advertising has moved on (or maybe back).

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One comment

  1. Jerry… It’s an “Homage” That’s French for “Rip-Off.” Or as they say in German “Vorsprung durch Technik.” You have to love the posh accents of the VO and the hot “bint” in the car. The tone of the voice when he says “As they say in German.” Reminds me a of an account guy at Ogilvy who when questioned by a German about something said… Listen mate, two world wars and the World cup, now fuck off. Mind you, that World Cup is a bit rusty by now.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker