Some words of adland wisdom from Cheil’s Korean Billy

It’s that time of year and the following pings into the inbox.

“YouTube superstar Korean Billy has been announced as the new Chief Communication Officer at London-based creative agency Cheil – and his first job has been to make one of his trademark videos translating the strange slang used in the world of advertising.

The 25-year-old South Korean, whose real name is Seong-Jae Kong, became famous for his videos explaining how to understand weird words in various British dialects.

Now, his latest video sees him translating the mysterious dialect used by the advertising industry. In his inimitable style, he goes to great lengths to unlock the secret meanings behind ad land words including ‘scamps’, ‘wips’ and ‘legs’.

Peter Zillig CEO Cheil UK said: “From April 1st, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Korean Billy as the new Chief Communication Officer of Cheil, London. In his first act as CCO, Billy has decided to teach us a few words in ‘advertising dialect’.”

Billy himself is thrilled with his new appointment and said: “Hello, everyone! This is Billy, I’m very excited to become Cheil’s Chief Communication Officer. I look forward to teaching the world advertising industry dialect words!”

Billy became interested in British slang and regional dialects whilst studying English at the University of Lancaster as an exchange student in 2015.

Up until recently based in Seoul, the vlogger has become an internet sensation with his guides on how to speak Scouse, Bristolian, Brummie, London ‘roadman’ street slang, the dialects of Manchester and Glasgow, as well as the often baffling words spoken in Hull.”

Time to get Billy on to “tissue meetings” methinks.

One Comment

  1. Thing is, who is going to see this video? Advertising people – right?

    And advertising people are already familiar with this ‘advertising slang’ – right?

    So this is a pointless piece of self-promotion – right?

    Errrrr….right – right?

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