Is the Cannes Lion set for a surprise gender change?

The resolutely male Cannes Lion is having his big cat-eared credentials questioned by activist group Creative Equals along with agency CP+B London.

They think the statuettes should now be half lion/half lioness as a commitment to gender equality. Accordingly they’ve presented Jose Papa, MD of the International Festival of Creativity with this slinky alternative (below), made by CP+B. And they’re seeking supporters at #CallForEquality.

Creative Equals founder Ali Hanan says: “Let the new Cannes Lions sit with pride of place on trophy shelves in every award-winning agency around the world as a constant reminder of the power of parity in our industry – a symbol of advertising’s march towards an era where there will be equal and diverse female representation on juries, and, more importantly, within the creative teams producing the work.”

You couldn’t make it up.

They’ll be closing down the Gutter Bar next.

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