George Osborne to edit London Evening Standard shock (and probably horror)

Has April 1 arrived early this year?

Just read courtesy of the FT that former Chancellor George Osborne (below) is to be the new editor of the London Evening Standard. Current editor Sarah Sands is going off to be a producer on the BBC’s Today programme.

Osborne, who mostly messed up the UK economy in his spell at No 11, has profited mightily since leaving office (unlike his former subjects), picking up £650,000 from US financial giant Blackrock for four days’ work a month. He’s also staying on as a Tory MP.

So how’s he going to find time to edit the Standard, assuming he knows how to do it? Maybe the owner Yevgeny Lebedev, who’s fond of apearing in its pages, will tell him. Or columnist Charles Saatchi.

Maybe it will become the UK’s first fake newspaper?

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