WPP’s Sorrell emerges as ‘power of one’ fan too – the bigger the better

We haven’t heard from WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell for a while – well everybody deserves a break and it looks as though SMS went somewhere sunny (and had the eye op too).

But he’s back on the road again, at the CES Show in Vegas, and here he is talking to Beet.TV about the “root to media revolution.” Tsk, tsk.

Much as you’d expect maybe but two clear things emerge, perhaps more clearly than in his other utterances. One is that he wants and expects WPP to operate as one company. Mostly in this context he’s talking about media and data working more closely together but he seems just as much a fan of “power of one” as his old sparring partner Maurice Levy of Publicis is.

Two is the unequivocal view that media agencies (armed with all that data, of course) produce the strategy leaving creative agencies to paint the pretty pictures.

Wonder what he got for Christmas? Doubt that it was a mint copy of ‘Small is Beautiful.’

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One comment

  1. Why doesn’t someone ask him about Enfatico which ended up being “The Power of Nothing?” And why is he wearing an American flag pin… Is he about to renounce his Knighthood?