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Will biosensors give Mindshare staff a lift?

I see that the staff of WPP media agency Mindshare have been fitted with NeuroSky biosensors to monitor their brainwaves (not those brainwaves) and emotions as they toil selflessly in the identical causes of producing results for their clients and WPP’s bottom line (Sunday Times report this weekend). They also help you to sit up straight it seems.

This is part of the so-called science of “people analytics” which measures your fitness and mental suitability for the task in hand. Apparently four major British companies including a high street bank are thinking of wiring up staff to these fearsome sounding devices (below), as is the NHS (God help us). Dunnno about WPP, the Mindshare exercise is a test. Wearers get to see all the data, employers just an “aggregated” version (pull the other one..) NeuroSky sensors also track where you are in the office (so cut down on those toilet breaks) and don’t get too near a co-worker, of either sex.

Talking of which, men apparently think about sex about 34 times a day (not the every seven seconds of legend) while women average about half that. But surely that registers on the NeuroSky too. Annual reviews should be interesting.

We’ve speculated before that, before too long, computers/robots will take over media agencies. Maybe this is the first stage.

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