IKEA unveils a different battle of the bedroom

Mother’s back for IKEA, this time with the WonderfulEveryNight (as opposed to EveryDay) showing us all how to ‘Win at Sleeping.’

Seems to be a national obsession these days: this morning on Today there was a not-very-convincing expert telling us how to sleep – don’t take pets to bed (well, yes), turn off your phone if it’s in the same room, wear socks (maybe) and don’t get pissed beforehand.

It’s that pesky always-on world – who needs sleep?

This is a great campaign, is this another great ad?

Hmm. Faux sports coaches, as in the voiceover often ring a warning bell. Are they a substitute for thought?

But it breaks the mould of most snoozing/beds ads, mould-breaking being something Mother is rather good at. And the sports notion works.

Dunno. MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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