Campari goes long with Clive Owen for ‘Killer Red’

Here’s trusty Clive Owen (the ‘driver” in BMW’s short films) turning up in yet another long ad/short film, this time for Campari courtesy of JWT Milan. Does Clive make proper films any more? Suppose there’s less time on set doing these and the money’s probably better.

Anyway this round he’s a barman able to foretell the future thanks to his cocktail-making skills, or something.

Owen’s good although his taste in girls (there are lots of them here) is a little idiosyncratic.

BMW’s last series ten years ago was good (some would say brilliant) as is Owen’s latest for them.

But this one? It’s hard enough to make a really good ad let alone one that’s also interesting enough as a story to sustain the extra time. Has all this stuff about “brand storytelling” got out of hand?

And the story in this is tosh although it’s stylish enough.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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