Jimmy’s Iced Coffee raps its way to British success

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is an interesting British brand, launched by Jim Cregan in his sister’s cafe in Bournemouth five years ago and now selling 4.5m units a year in the likes of Waitrose, Tesco Express and independents. Iced coffee? In the UK?

Well Jim makes it work and here he is in his second foray into online media with ‘Who Got The Beans,’ a rap with a big nod to Eminem.

Yeo Valley did this to some effect in a campaign by BBH a few years ago. This one comes courtesy of innovation consultancy Fearlessly frank and Deadbeat Films.

Here’s Jim’s first foray into music, with a million or so YouTube views.

No doubt Jimmy’s will go the way of other interesting British food brands and be snapped up by a big company unable to produce ideas of its own or find similarly ingenious ways to market its products. Saw the other day that Fever-Tree tonic was being valued at £1bn or something equally extraordinary.

Think I prefer the first one but hip hop ain’t my thang.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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