ID Comms’ Tom Denford and former Mondelez exec Pete Mitchell: what does a chief media officer really do?

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom chats with Pete Mitchell, one of the world’s most experienced and well-traveled media professionals. Until recently Pete was part of Mondelez’ highly respected global media team. He is now partner at Kudos Content.

Pete talks to Tom about three key themes:

Firstly, they discuss Pete’s thoughts on the role of chief media officer and what this role encompasses and what skills will be needed to succeed.

Secondly, they look at whether brands are going to be bringing media capabilities into their organisations, what talent and resources will be required and the impact that this might have on their relationships with media agencies.

Finally, they investigate how brands can move to a content strategy and whether it is realistic to aim to monetize brand content, making marketing a profit centre rather than a cost.

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