Zambezi’s Josh DiMarcantonio; my Top Tips for Cannes

Josh DiMarcantonio is ECD and a partner at independent communications agency Zambezi, based in Culver City California. It pairs leaders from traditional advertising agencies with experts in digital, film, television, music, sports and strategic marketing. Before joining Zambezi DiMarcantonio held senior creative positions at 180LA, Deutsch LA, CAA and Wieden+Kennedy.


My Top Tips for Cannes

Droga5’s Clearasil campaign – “We know acne, we don’t know teens.”

I really love the honesty, transparency and hyper self-awareness of this campaign.

I think as an industry we need to stop acting like we can change how people feel about themselves and furthermore how they feel about being marketed too.

Consumers, especially teens, have now grown up being sold and marketed to every day. They see the cliches, the pandering thoughts, the bullshit, as much as we all do.

A corporate client admitting they can’t “market” teens into believing they truly relate to their lives is refreshing and confident to me. And the honesty I think will ultimately be more effective to the consumers they’re trying to reach.

Teens know we’re trying to sell them something, as soon as we can clearly get that out of the way without pretense, they’ll be open to understanding the benefit of a product in their life.


Saltwater Brewery – edible, biodegradable six-pack rings.

Simple, brilliant, progressive idea that doesn’t feel tacked on as a forced cause for marketing, but truly connected to the brand.

This is the type of thinking, beyond typical advertising that gets me really excited and the good-kind of jealous.

Proof again that your product itself can and should be your best marketing.

Leaves consumers feeling genuinely positive about the brand and the product, while putting some good into the world.


Domino’s new touch-free pizza ordering app

The other side of the coin; the use of evolving tech for better consumer engagement.

Love how Domino’s continues to embrace tech instead of running away from it. While even if not the most practical of apps it makes ordering more fun.

It’s simple. It’s helpful. And it makes consumers remember your brand.

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